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Flatline indicators
« on: June 19, 2017, 08:13:18 AM »
Due to several reports of flat-lining on the Davis (I've had it on other station hardware), I've been thinking about implementing a simple diagnostics into the WD. As it may seem simple from user point of view, maybe not so simple for implementation.
It would go like this:

1) select the tag to monitor (e.g. %temp%)
2) set the dead time on a selected tag: if the tag's value does not change for N minutes, a status flag (or e.g. %temp_alarm%) changes its status

Use case:
A parameter goes flat, no data received from the base station. WD still generates the .html files and updates the tags. You (a user) puts these status tags in (or in another 'service.html'). If you see them change, you can react to reset the station, PC, etc.

PS: I had a flat-line case on the Dallas sensors.